POSITION: Computational Mathematicians and Statisticians

General Description :
We are looking for several computational mathematicians and statisticians to help develop computational intensive algorithms and software. We have several positions in these three areas:

  • Numerical Expert : requires a minimum of 2 years of real experience in scientific computing.
  • Computational Mathematician : requires strong C++ programming skills.
  • Computational Statistician: requires a Ph.D. degree with strong C++ programming skills and English writing skills.
These jobs are analytic-oriented and involve matrix algebra, numerical methods, approximation methods, statistical methods, data analysis, software design, programming and documentation. The responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
  • Investigating the up-to-date analytic and statistical methodologies;
  • Developing the computational intensive mathematical algorithms;
  • Comparing the existing optimization routines, libraries and numerical methods;
  • Designing and implementing algorithms and software;
  • Verifying and testing methodologies, algorithms and software;
  • Running simulation studies, data analysis and case studies;
  • Writing documentation and technical reports.
Required Knowledge :
The candidate must have a Master or Ph.D. degree in Mathematics, Statistics or any other related fields with strength in computational mathematics and programming. The person needs to be very strong in at least two areas in the knowledge cluster (mathematics, computer science, statistics, or any other related fields) and at least one object-oriented programming language (C++, Java). The person must be handy in software development environment under Windows and is excellent in English writing. We expect the person to be reliable and self-motivated. The person should have strong communication skills and the ability to work with a team.

Desired Background :
It is desired to have some industrial experiences and programming experiences for real problems. It is also desired but not required to have some knowledge and experience in linear and non-linear optimization problems, matrix libraries, numerical methods and biostatistics. Experience with Linpack/Lapack and data analysis software is a plus.

POSITION: Software Engineers

General Description :
We are looking for software engineers to develop software that involves computational intensive algorithms, analytic methods and web applications. We have several positions in these three areas:

  • Analytic and scientific programmer: requires strong C++ programming skills;
  • Web applications developer: requires strong experiences in Java, JavaScript, MySQL;
  • Dynamic graphical expert: requires experiences in Flash/Flex, GDI, OpenGL, DirectX.
Our projects are web applications for analytic-oriented data analysis and statistical algorithms. The responsibilities in these positions include, but are not limited to:
  • Developing software, testing algorithms, managing software engineering system and writing documentation;
  • Developing web applications and desktop applications for data analysis;
  • Developing dynamically linked graphical environment for data analysis and plotting.
Required Knowledge :
The candidate must have a MS degree in Computer Science, Engineering or any other related fields. The person must have a strong programming experience and is handy in software development environment under Windows or Linux. The candidate also needs to have good communication skills, be reliable and self-motivated and have strong English writing skills.

Desired Background :
It is desired to have as much experience as possible in database, software design, GUI design, and to be familiar with web development tools, etc. Good background in mathematics and statistics is a plus.