Data Numerica Institute, Inc. is a high-tech software company with business interest in all types of phases related to data analysis. Our mission is to be a world leader in providing the software and analytic environment for data analysis. Our business ranges from software development, consultation, and publication, etc. Some of our daily works include software design, methodology development, algorithm development, algorithm comparison, data analysis, simulation, case study, and publication, etc. All our developers hold advanced degrees in Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Sciences, Engineering, or related fields. Our people always get to know the most up-to-date development in new technologies. We investigate published books and papers. We also research and study the cutting-edge development in computer science and web technology.

We are now developing web applications and environments for data analysts who might be a student, professor, researcher, or a professional. Their applications could be as simple as a graphical view of data or an intra web of an enterprise. We welcome energetic people who are self-motivated and fast learners to join our team.

6120 149th Ave SE
Bellevue, WA 98006